E L D E R  L A W   &   E S T A T E S   P R A C T I C E 

Our Services

The law firm of Ezra Huber & Associates, P.C. concentrates its practice in the field of law known as “Elder Law”—offering legal counseling and services for elderly and disabled clients and their families.  Within these boundaries we offer advice and representation in a broad range of areas:


One of a family’s biggest concerns when a loved one becomes ill is whether that person’s life savings will be depleted.  With proper advanced planning, we can help you protect some or even all of your holdings.

We can guide you in properly and legally transferring assets to eligible family members in ways designed to maximize your family’s savings while minimizing both the taxes and costs of medical care.


Although much of our practice is devoted to counseling the elderly on asset protection, a large part is also devoted to general estate planning, with a focus on minimizing or eliminating estate taxes and making it easy and inexpensive to pass assets from one generation to the next. 

Some people require more complex planning—for example, small business owners concerned about the sale or continuation of their business following death, or couples with more than $5,000,000 of assets, or those in their second marriage, or even those who need to assure the protection of disabled children or elderly parents.

In any of these cases, we would be happy to assist you in preparing the ideal estate plan to assure that your goals are met, while taxes and other hurdles are overcome.


If your goal is to combine maximum tax planning with maximum lifetime control over your assets, as well as avoiding probate upon your death, then a Trust may be the ideal plan for you.  The firm is capable of preparing customized Trust agreements to meet your personal needs; we do not presume that everyone fits a predetermined plan.


It is crucial to plan in advance for the possibility of mental or physical incapacity, and we can help you do so by preparing powers of attorney giving a trusted family member or friend the ability to manage your affairs in case of incapacity.  We can also prepare health care proxies and living wills so that if any medical decisions need to be made, you, and not a Judge, decides what is best.


We have extensive experience representing both sellers and buyers in real estate transactions, both in connection with Elder Law planning and otherwise.


A family that has just lost a loved one may not know where to turn.  Who must handle the settlement of the estate?  What do you do if there is a Will—or if there isn’t one?  This firm has extensive experience in settling and administering estates, so please feel free to call us with any questions on this subject.


Sometimes issues of estate settlement cannot be resolved easily.  Instances of undue influence, the mental incapacity of the deceased or even forgery and fraud may be present.  We have extensive experience in representing both Will contestants and those seeking to ward off a challenge.